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The Urban Philanthropic Fund

Our goal is to develop the next generation of investors and non-profit leaders to be philanthropists, community builders, and engaged citizens.

Yale University's most innovative student-led investment fund.

Our Mission

The Urban Philanthropic Fund fosters collaboration between the finance and nonprofit sectors by training the next generation of investment managers, nonprofit leaders, and philanthropists.

The Urban Philanthropic Fund is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded by undergraduates of Yale College. We are a diverse team of students passionate about business, finance, and community service.


We believe the intersection of these sectors has a unique place at Yale. We are committed to developing skills to help us both succeed in careers in finance and serve the community around us.

What We Do

The Urban Philanthropic Fund comprises three integral parts: investments, nonprofit consulting, and development. In the realm of investments, the fund aims to empower urban growth by careful selection and support of innovative initiatives and social enterprises. The nonprofit consulting division strengthens urban organizations by sharing knowledge, resources, and best practices to enhance the capacity of nonprofit organizations to create significant social impact. Lastly, the development segment of the fund focuses on transforming urban communities through sustainable growth. for residents.

Who We Are

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