Our Partners

UP Fund's Non-Profit Consulting Branch works with local New Haven non-profits to complete high impact pro-bono consulting projects


EMERGE helps formerly incarcerated people as well as at-risk youth return to their roles as responsible family members and law-abiding citizens.


EMERGE's network of volunteers rebuild lives through education, mentorship, and financial assistance.

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Elena’s Light

Elena’s Light provides ESL classes for refugee women in New Haven, serving more than 90 women over the last two years.


In addition to the ESL classes, Elena’s Light launched the EL Health initiative in 2019 and the Empower program in the summer of 2020, offering comprehensive health, emotional, and mental education to 40 children.

Winning Ways CT

Winning Ways is an organization that utilizes lived experiences, evidence, and a family-based curriculum to foster the rehabilitation of the formerly incarcerated and those with addiction.


Winning Ways work to empower individuals to live meaningful lives and connect with their communities specifically through financial literacy and empowerment courses.