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With a keen understanding of the evolving landscape of philanthropy and social impact, the Development Team designs and coordinates professional development programs tailored to the unique needs of the individuals within the organization. They foster an environment of open communication and facilitate cross-departmental collaboration, encouraging the exchange of ideas and best practices. By investing in the professional growth of the team members, the Development Team helps them stay at the forefront of their respective fields and equips them with the knowledge and tools to drive meaningful change.


Jay Kauffin

Head of Development and Social Chair

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Major: Political and Computer Science

Residential College: Timothy Dwight

Hometown: Athens, TN

Sector Teams


The treasury team manages the organization's financial resources, ensuring effective cash management, liquidity, and risk mitigation. They collaborate with internal departments and stakeholders to forecast cash flows, analyze financial markets, and make informed investment decisions. Their expertise contributes to the organization's financial stability and growth.

Development Team

The internal development team supports the organization's professional development initiatives by enhancing internal systems and tools. They collaborate with team members to address technological needs, improve software and communication platforms, and design efficient workflows. By staying updated on emerging technologies, the team brings innovative solutions to enhance investment analysis, decision-making, and the achievement of investment philosophy objectives.

Grants Committee

The grants team secures funding and resources for the organization's initiatives while allocating investment returns to provide grants to nonprofit partners. They research, identify, and apply for grants from various sources, collaborating with team members to develop compelling proposals. The team also ensures a holistic and accessible grant application process. By staying updated on grant opportunities and best practices, they maximize the organization's chances of securing financial support, helping sustain and expand initiatives for a positive community impact.

Social Committee

The social development committee fosters social impact and community engagement by executing initiatives aligned with the organization's social responsibility goals. They collaborate with stakeholders to assess community needs, research social issues, and develop strategies for addressing them. The committee organizes events, workshops, and campaigns to raise awareness, promote financial literacy, and encourage responsible investment practices. Seeking partnerships with local organizations, they maximize their impact and ensure the group operates with a social conscience, actively contributing to the betterment of society.


The UP Fund members undergo an extensive and comprehensive training program that spans several weeks. Our training covers essential areas such as Instructional Design, Professional Ethics and Standards, Project Management, Evaluation and Assessment frameworks, Relationships and Networking, and fostering a Diverse and Equitable workplace. Led by our experienced head of Development and accomplished alumni members with real-world expertise in our coverage area, our trainings offer a valuable and enriching learning experience.

Career Development

Members of the UP Fund benefit from a range of career development resources, which include:

  • Complimentary professional headshots taken on campus

  • Biweekly newsletter featuring extensive career opportunities

  • Exclusive access to recruitment meetings and networking events

  • Informative career coffee chats with UP Fund alumni

  • Workshops focused on interview skills and case study preparation

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