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The Urban Philanthropic Fund fosters collaboration between the for-profit and nonprofit sectors by cultivating a new generation of professionals who can leverage their expertise in finance, management, and philanthropy to drive positive social impact and sustainable change in their communities.

The Problem


Generating wealth and creating a positive social change are often seen as mutually exclusive goals.


Smaller nonprofits lack resources and expertise to assess their initiative outcomes.


There are limited chances available for students to delve into the intersection between the for-profit and nonprofit sectors.

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Our Solution

The UP Fund bridges investment and community service unlike any other student organization using a three-pronged approach:


Managing an investment portfolio and using our returns to provide grants to nonprofits

 Non-Profit Consulting

Helping nonprofits analyze efficacy of their efforts to better position them for large grants


Empowering each other through through professional development, back-end support and collaboration.


Our Goals

Manage a portfolio​

Use returns to

provide grants

Use metrics to evaluate and help non-profits

Learn by doing

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