Managing an investment portfolio and using our returns to provide small grants to nonprofits

The Urban Philanthropic Fund fosters collaboration between the finance and nonprofit sectors by training the next generation of investment managers, nonprofit leaders, and philanthropists.

The Problem

Finance and community development are too often viewed as opposing forces



Small nonprofits lack capacity to assess the outcomes of their initiatives


Few opportunities for students to explore intersection of for-profit and nonprofit worlds

Our Solution

The UP Fund bridges investment and community service unlike any other student organization using a two-pronged approach:

Helping nonprofits analyze efficacy of their efforts to better position them for large grants


Our Goals

  • Manage a portfolio

  • Use metrics to evaluate and help non-profits

  • Use returns to provide grants

  • Learn by doing

Meet our co-founders

Ryan Taggarse

President of the UP Fund

“Too often, economic development and the finance industry are seen as opposing forces. I started the UP Fund as a way to help students engage with New Haven in a positive way, while developing the skills necessary for careers in finance and investment management. Our goal is to meaningfully support effective nonprofits in New Haven as we inspire our team of future finance professionals to engage with their communities throughout their lives. I am proud to lead this talented and diverse group as we set out to fulfill that mission.”

Ryan is a junior double majoring in Applied Mathematics and Economics who is incredibly interested in the intersection of financial markets and economic development.

Minh is a junior majoring in Political Science with a focus on education. She's from Portland, Oregon and enjoys spending her time outdoors.

"From my experience working with at a nonprofit this summer, I believe that we have a lot to learn from engaging locally. I am part of the UP Fund because I believe learning about both investment and nonprofits will provide me with a more encompassing perspective of how they could be beneficial to each other. As one of the co-leaders of the Community Engagement this semester, I am ready to work with my teams to help local nonprofits develop to their full potential."

Minh Nguyen

Director of Nonprofits & Grants Team

Meet our advisory board

Peter M. Lupoff

Executive Director

Tiburon Holdings, LLC

Ricardo Henriquez


Workforce Solutions

Collaborative of Metro Hardford

Heidi Brooks

Senior Lecturer

Yale School of Management

James Forman


Yale Law School 

Anika Singh Lamar

Associate Professor

Yale Law School

Veyom Bahl

Managing Director

Robin Hood Foundation

Caroline Craig

Portfolio Manager

Tiverton Investments

Karen DuBois-Walton

Executive Director

New Haven Housing Authority

Yale University

Office of New Haven & State Affairs

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