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The Urban Philanthropic Fund is actively seeking individuals who possess a natural curiosity and a willingness to learn new skills. We value hard-working individuals who are deeply committed to our mission, even if they do not have prior experience in investments, consulting, or business development. Once you become a member of our organization, you will have the opportunity to access a wide range of resources, support, and a community to further develop your abilities.

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In our commitment to transparency and inclusivity, we have designed a recruitment process that is accessible to all. We aim to ensure that the process is straightforward and not excessively demanding, allowing prospective members to showcase their unique strengths and passion for our cause.




 Non-Profit Consulting


Managing an investment portfolio and using our returns to provide grants to nonprofits

Helping nonprofits analyze efficacy of their efforts to better position them for large grants

Empowering each other through through professional development, back-end support and collaboration.

Recruitment Timeline

September 3: Extracurricular Bazaar

Come find us at Yale's extracurricular bazaar!

September 4: Application Opens

The applications will be opened.

September 5: Information Session 1

A broad overview of the Urban Philanthropic Fund and its mission, teams, and responsibilities.

September 6: Information Session 2

An in-depth discussion of the UP Fund's branches and a walkthrough of the application for each branch.

September 8-9: Application Office Hours

Office Hours will be held by the leadership team to assist applicants with their applications.

September 10: Applications Due

The applications will be due.

September 13-15: Interviews

Applicants will be notified undergo a behavioral interview.

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