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UP Fund members learn how to think about investment, valuation, and overall portfolio management. Our portfolio has outperformed the market every year since our inception. We manage an investment portfolio that we use to generate returns to community grants and consult local New Haven nonprofits and social enterprises with our Non-Profit and Grants team. 

Sector Teams

TMT (Technology, Media, & Telecommunications)

Our group covers the TMT space, an exciting and fast-paced sector that covers both firms selling to consumers (like Apple, Disney, and Netflix), as well as to businesses (like Square, Microsoft, Salesforce). We plan to do fundamental research on the company and industry and financial modeling to create our investment thesis.


Our group covers companies that produce capital goods used in manufacturing, aerospace and defense, construction and engineering, and resource extraction. Infrastructure companies provide the physical backbone of the global economy. They often have strong MOATs and impressive brand recognition, which make for excellent investments. 

Small Cap

Small-cap covers companies with a market capitalization of around $10 billion or less. We aren’t bound to any vertical, so we are unique in that we can explore a wide range of companies. What’s even more exciting about this team is we are able to investigate companies that are oftentimes fast-growing and at the forefront of their respective businesses. 


The consumer goods sector is a category of stocks and companies that relate to items purchased by individuals and households, rather than by manufacturers and industries. These companies make and sell products that are intended for direct use by the buyers for their own use and enjoyment.


We research companies in the pharmaceutical space, whether that be pre-revenue biotech with a moonshot therapy or a large-cap, like Merck, with a diverse portfolio of approved drugs. This is a disruptive period in the space. Previous groups have pitched Viking Therapeutics, a small-cap whose flagship drug seeks to cure Fatty Liver Disease, and Veeva, a large-cap logistics company that streamlines the clinical trial data collection process for pharmaceutical companies.

Portfolio Management Team

Investing is not only about choosing which stocks to buy, but also knowing when to sell them. Our endowment doesn't actually make money until we choose to lock in profits. We are in charge of continuing research on companies currently in our portfolio and determining whether they are still good investments. Our team uniquely gains experience throughout the life cycle of an investment.


UP Fund members receive comprehensive, multi-week training in valuation, sourcing, pitching, and more. Our trainings are led by our head of investment and alumni members with real-world experience in investment banking, venture capital, private equity, endowment management, and management consulting.

Career Development

UP Fund members receive career development resources including:

  • Free, on-campus professional headshots

  • Biweekly career development newsletter with 20+ career opportunities

  • Access to exclusive recruitment meetings and networking events

  • Career coffee chats with UP Fund alumni

  • Interview workshops & case workshops

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